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INF251 / Computer Graphics

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Credits: 10.0

Course offered (semester)


Language of Instruction


Aim and Content

The course will make the students able to carry out computer graphics and to evaluate software and hardware for that use. The course is a foundation for a masterīs thesis within computer graphics.

Learning Outcomes

The course makes a thorough introduction to computer graphics, and user interface design. It consists of graphical computer architecture, geometrical transformations, surface- and volume- visualisation, and user interface design and implementation.


At least 60 ECTS in computer science, preferably including some mathematics

Recommended previous knowledge

INF102 (Algorithms, data structures, and programming)

Subject Overlap

I291: 10 ECTS, INF211: 10 ECTS

Compulsory Requirements


Compulsory assignments are valid two semesters, the semester of the approval and the following semester.

Assessment methods

Written exam. It is opportunity for grades on exercises, which can be included in the final grade. If less than 20 students are taking the course, it can be oral exam.

Aids allowed will be announced on My Space in the beginning of each semester.

Grading Scale

The grading scale used is A to F. Grade A is the highest passing grade in the grading scale, grade F is a fail.

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